Saturday, 29 November 2008


9 days since my first teaser: PEACE ON EARTH HUNT PT. 1, we are coming closer to the hunt! This is a notification of an upcoming, grid-wide hunt. You can read more information at the official PEACE ON EARTH blog.

The latest information is that the hunt currently have approx. 350 vendors! Wow, think of the gifts!

Frolic and Patch

From left: Frolic and Patch (smile, guys!)

Big names are participating in this hunt, namely SL Boulevard. The brains behind it are Frolic Mills, creator and editor-in-chief of The Best of SL Magazine and Patch Thibaud, a creative SL builder and architect, they have already built The Best of SL Boulevard - where Hollywood Glitz meets architecture. They bring us a new project - Patch Thibaud Auditorium! marble textures, shining glass store windows...this will be where the upcoming Miss Virtual Pageant will be held - and later, the PEACE ON EARTH party!!!

Watch this space because there will be gorgeous gifts exclusive from The Best of SL Boulevard!

Suri in Patch's Auditorium

Here I am admiring the work and effort put in to make this Patch Thibaud Auditorium. There is the signature statue surrounded by clear blue water. I hope Frolic and Patch won't mind me messing about with their display here! There's something sexy about cold marble tops..haha!

Statue of SL Boulevard

To visit Patch Thibaud's Auditorium, CLICK HERE.
To visit The Best of SL Boulevard, CLICK HERE.

Suri in Patch's Auditorium

Outfit: :bijou: *XmasGIFT* jeweLeah, $0L. Find this outfit exactly on my landmark (thank you to Ephemeral Clowes for her help!) It is on the lingerie department, on a small table next to a store card vendor.

Includes hoodie and hair. Available in 3 colors,as blogged by Miss Creamy on: Pure as the driven snow..oh yes

Shoes and Clutch: Upcoming gift from Baby Monkey for the PEACE ON EARTH hunt.

OK, now time for a teaser to show off some gifts available; 350 vendors...can your inventory take them all???


First up, this Juanita shape by Katlene Niven represents the Dominican Republic. The skin is from A Piece Of Candy (soon to be released).


It's Lemania!!!
A flowing green gown complete with hair accessories. I can't wait for this one!


Necklace, anyone?
The preview is for the necklace. It's made of a reused bullet casing and a rough amethyst crystal, strung on a gunmetal chain (jeweler humor). Something like beating a sword into a plowshare - by Nuala Shippe.


Some gorgeous skin for your overflowing skin folder already... ;)


Mode Rage and PEACE ON EARTH Grid Wide Hunt CEO's Sequoia Nightfire and Katlene Niven are joined by caLLie cLine. Gracious caLLie made the wonderful tee's that will go out in every starter kit and she helped in other ways to promote this event.

You will find plenty more pictures on the Peace On Earth Flickr Group; for previews of gifts, even submit your pictures showing off your prizes when the hunt starts.


Willow Sideshow said...

Even though I'm sure I'm going to get jumped on for saying this...350 is a little excessive! The ghost hunt was bad enough! Don't get me wrong I appreciate all the hard work and gifts being put into this. And I generally love hunts and found some of my new favorite stores during the ghost hunt, but I really wish people would come up with some new ideas.

Suri Christen said...

Willow, I think you need to read the official Peace On Earth blog to find out more about this event. Yes, hunts have been done many many times, the theme for this hunt is to bring people together. Designers are working really hard to come up with top quality goodies out of their generosity for us, in a form of a hunt so we can have a bit of fun! I totally loved the Ghost hunt and I know I am going to enjoy this one!!! Not saying you have to collect every gift avaliable here, but it's nice to anticipate new designers work, or even those you have not yet acknowledged. Sequoia and Katlene have put much time and effort into making it happen, so let's just have fun! Participate or not, it is entirely your decision.

Beulah said...

in this hunt you will find folk who have never been asked into things like this hunt - this will bring together folk from all walks of life, backgrounds and counties -new folk as well as the designers that have been very giving before.
Peace on Earth is just that - being accepting of others, you may not agree with them but accept the differences. No one HAS to do this hunt - everyone can decide IF they want to. its this big because so many have been kind to offer there time to design a free gift to celebrate this season.
collect the ones you like and when you have had enough just say a great big thank you to the designers and the girls that worked hard to put this on ( alot of time, hard work and all free )
then go and enjoy the gifts while other keep collecting

caLLie cLine said...

what i liked about this hunt and why i chose to get involved really was the theme... peace.. and this hunt is NOT all about "getting" but giving as well. participants will be encourage to "pass on peace" by giving away tshirts and invites to people they do not know as a way of extending a "wish of peace" and as most hunts are all about grabbing up free stuff one may never even unpack, i think being encouraged to "give" while you 'get' is something i stand behind 100%. we don't know who sits at the other end of keyboards in SL and during the holiday season many people experience a lot more loneliness than during the normal time of year, i'm excited to find a few people i dont know, extend a greeting of peace and go to a few places with them myself! (if they will let me!) and of course wear the free peace shirts and have a blast!

good job you girls, keep it up!

@willow, yeah i hear ya, upon first glance it seems like "just another hunt" but it's really not.. and people do love hunts. :) and new ideas are always fun too!