Tuesday, 30 September 2008


I don't lie when I say that Baiastice is one of my favourite stores. I just, have this ultra-huge-inworld-crush on couture. It's bizzaare.
Anyway, The Baiastice group is lucky. Very lucky. Every month something perfectly stunning pops into your inventory. This month Baiastic have made a stunning Halloween witch costume that is full of yummy, scary and stunning textures, prims and options for all us painfully complicated dressers.

There are 3 witch hats in the pack. And yes, the dangly spiders are part of it. Freaky and ultra awesome, I say!
The glowing wand-thingo changes colour and made feel totally Harry Potter for some reason. The prim skirt comes in the short lil version, and the big peacock inspired skirt at the back is separate. Awesome!
Also comes with different stockings. Woo!~
My favourite part of the gift are these untra amazing shoes. Hot hot hot hot hot. Any shoe goddess must have. No joke. I squeeled in disbelief when I saw them!
Note; My s**t photo's do not do justice. Trust me.
My inworld friend Ice Mata TPed me too the Deadkitties mainstore for a lucky chair. The hair, PEnny, worn in these pics, is stunning! It's scripted and you can change the colour of the highlighted pieces (I used blood red) Awesome! Grab your friends and gooo! Chair changes quick, but if your unlucky, like Ice (who waited over 7 hours), take some time to check out the store! I got the msot awesome neko tail for under 200L, with built in movements, and a colour change script! Yummo! Get it now!!

Other items:
Skin- Crim(Unfortunatly unavailable anymore from Crimson Shadow, but our blogging buddy Ashia has some gorgy dollfaced, blood splatter, cracked, beated, bruised skins in her store,
Ashia Designs.)


Velli said...

I have been looking for the lucky chair with the hair at Dead Kitties for a very long time. Can someone point me in the right direction. I would purchase it if I could find it.

Dahlindah Destiny said...

Hey Velli.
I poofed over ther again after I posted. The Lucky Chair is ont eh second floor, to the right of the stairs. Unfourtunatly it isn't all hair. I saw it with a dress. I'd get in contact with the creator of Deadkitties and see if she is going to put it up for sale, as I am not sure if she is going to sell it or not.

Lokum Shilova said...

Youcan still find these skins on sale at Carnival of Doom Perfect for halloween