Monday, 25 August 2008

Creamy's Brain Explodes!

Well not quite, but nearly. The opening of the Free Style Sim hunt yesterday was absolutely crazy...but great fun!

The technical issues turned out to be caused by SL and not the actual Sim. Most of us crashed and were unable to log in for an hour or so.

Despite this Gecko DJ did a wonderful job spinning the tunage and giving out prizes. We'd like to give massive thanks to all the designers and store owners for giving away such fantastic gifts, not forgetting big huge thankies to my fellow Free*Style bloggers for all their help and to lupu who owns the Free Style sim and to GOD - The Lord Almighty *cries* (errr, who do I think I am, Mariah Scary??)

This hunt is on for a whole week so if you didn't make it yesterday there is still plenty of time.

Now I am hugely disorganised as you know, I have no idea how many prizes there are to find, will work that out later and we might even add some more!!

* If you were one of the 20 or more people who sent me an IM yesterday and I didn't respond because I was busy gesturetarding and suchlike, please can you IM me again or send me a notecard because I crashed and lost everyone's names so unable to reply to you *

Love Creamy (unprofessional and proud)


Adaire DeCuir said...

YAY! It was a lot of fun, even with the technical glitches. Gecko was great (not that I'm biased!) and everyone who showed up was very cool to hang out with as they hunted. We should do another party again soon!!

olivia connaught said...