Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Breezy Vibe

Yeehaw, I've finally got my finger out of my butt to do a blog post, it's way past my bed time but I wanted to show you this beautiful floatsome dress which is this weeks free gift from Kunglers, perfect with this Kin hair (free at Hair Fair - Pink) to give that 'Summer of Lurrve' vibe.



I am in total and utter love with Sandy from Fuel's shoes, these particular ones are free at our Free Style hunt. I have some just like these in RL...my favie shoes!


I also joined the Kunglers group whilst in store and found this beautifully sexy dress in the notices, I think this may have been blogged before but I'm waaay to tired to look, so here it is again, worn with the beautiful free hair from Magika at the Hair Fair - Purple


Oh gush, gush, gush and major wordyness...the skin is beautiful too, it's by Tuli of course, the Elizabeth in Fern which you will find at the Free Style hunt this week.

I will do the links tomorrow because I am just about losing conciousness here (so much I can't even spell it). But if you are really desperate to get them NOW you will find the stores SLURL's if you type the store name in our blog search up there.

Byeeee for nooow


Sehra Kauffman said...

Awww, darn. I found, like, every dollar bill. But not amazing shoes! Sad face.

Anonymous said...

I can not find the shoes either I have been searching for nearly 2 days.

Creamy Cooljoke said...

Here's a little hint, look outside the Free*Style store - think 'mushrooms' ;)

Adaire DeCuir said...

Creamz -

1. Dun put yer finger in yer bum. Make yer man do it if that's your thing. o.O

2. You look GORGY!

3. I have no idea why I'm numbering my comment.

4. I'm just kidding about the bum thing. Mostly.

Goldenhalo said...

Yes.. That dress is perfect. Flowers in just the right hue can cheer up any fashion!

Gecko Gorilla said...

The Tuli skin looks ossom and makes me wish i was a girl! (oops was that out loud)

@Adaire.. Hunny, you crossed the line with that comment... not only did you cross the line I think you kicked the line in the nuts as you did so.. and this is why I <3 yoo

Anonymous said...

I found the shoes but not the skin *cries* boooooooooooooooo