Sunday, 29 June 2008

You know I'm no good

Glastonbury Festival in the UK is one of the most famous music festivals in the world. I couldn't make it there this weekend, so I watched it on TV, (which is almost as good as you don't get covered in shit and mud and you can go to bed without the fear of someone pissing on you in the night).

Amy Winehouse somehow managed to perform at the festival, dispite being diagnosed with the early stages of Emphysema due to her high intake of serious hard drugs and fags. She punched a fan in the face and sang her heart out...good on her, she's a love or hate type of character, but I love her!

Well, when Francesca Balogh sent a notice to the Free*Style group about a store called Kazu, I TPd over and as soon as I saw this dress, I instantly thought 'Amy'. It's slinky and fitted, retro style with a thick red and black belt (this belt is a jacket layer so can be worn with other outfits). This is definitely a designer worth visiting, the clothes in the store are cool.


I made this pose here based on this pic of Amy so you can have it, in fact, I'll make a set of Amy poses and put them out for 1L soon. The white strap on the shoulder is actually a bag also free or 1L in Kazu, my bad, I forgot to get a good pic of it but it is super-stylish.


Check this out, it's almost the same dress, (she is absolutely trashed in this video, but that's Amy, being wasted has become part of her act)

And how about these for a pair of 'Fuck Me pumps'? These sooo high 'n' sooo sexy snakeskin shoes from are a group gift from SKG , they set this dress off perfectly doncha think?

Anyway, I'm off to rehab, see ya!

Dress: Kazu (free or 1L)
Snakeskin Shoes:
SKG (group gift) - many free and low priced shoes of loveliness in store too!

Not Free
Maggie Tattoo:
Cateye Skin:
Amy Hair:


Noor said...

I love Amy! I heart her! * waits patiently for the Amy poses *

Thanks Creamy!

Amethyst McMahon said...

Amy should be the next friggin' Queen of England!

That dress suits her perfectly and boy, is that gal in need of a bit of R&R in SL!!! Might help her concentrate on singing again!

Wanna-wanna Amy-poses - you are soooo kewl, Creamy! xxx

Shruti Tenk said...

Ow wow! What goigeous freebs!!!AND right after I quit SL !
/me kicks her lappie !!
Now I'd have to go get the Amy style dress AND SHOES and the 69 slippers even though I don't want to log on !
/me sighs ! Stewpid addictive SL!

BTW love the post...the dress looks fab ! xxx