Monday, 30 June 2008

wah wah wah

i'm in a grumpity mood so i'll spare yall the words words words words and get on with pictures and slurls.

get your ass to haunted zuzu. click the subscribeo. check the history. get two sassy tanks. i'm wearing the birds and cherries one below, which of course you'd never know cause it's one of my typically craptastic shots... trust me, it's a yummy top.

[hair - jade, nana (100L); skin - gala phoenix; headphones - pushbutton industries (90L); shorts - fetch alternative (from the freebie box); tights - edge grafica (free); boots - urban bomb unit, tattoo rainboots (245L);]

neeeexxxt is a lacy foofy dollarbie from sisters which a sane person might wear to a cocktail party, but me, not so much:

[hair - maitreya, aimee (free); boots - katat0nik (dollarbie); gloves - sheer (50L for two pair)]

and last freeb is something i have to kiss the lovely amethyst mcmahon's feet for finding: edge grafica's mourning dress... the velvety weightiness of the material is nearly palpable, and it comes with stunning little hat!

[hair - zero style, missi (300L for a three color pack); shoes - shiny things, ruffle boots (400L)]

locations: iron fist and winterfell absinthe.


Ashia Tomsen said...

Love all of it!! I didnt see those boots when i was there.......will have to go back for em now!

Amethyst McMahon said...

ooh-la-la! sweet!!!

*runs off to wash & powder her feet*

Hachimitsu said...

Looks like the Haunted ZuZu Subscribe-o has disappeared?

olivia connaught said...

nuuu it should be right below the display for the butterfly dress! i'll investivate.

olivia connaught said...

hachimitsu, this should plop you right in front of it :D