Monday, 30 June 2008

For One Night Only

As soon as I saw this incredible dress from Lemania, I fell in sloves! It's called Baby Love and is a tribute to.......yus, the amazing Ms Ross and the Supremes.


There's also an incredible July 4th gift in store called Fireworks. The hair.......well let me tell you about the hair. It's from an awesomesauce store I found called Cocoluv. The hair there is AMAZING! There is a dollarbie too, but I couldn't get it to fit my huge noggin! They have everything from braids, afro puffs, dreds to cornrows.....srsly check it out! The yummy bangles are from Ephemeral Creations, theyre not free, but there are July 4th bangles there for free so grab those, they'll not be there for long!

Hair (not free)
Bangles (not free)
Ephemeral Creations

Next up is this yum mini kimono from Barerose. For some reason when I saw it, it made me think Foxy Cleopatra. Odd how my brain works XD!


Check out the braids with the colour change hat from just screams Beyonce! The wicked fantasy hair is from Haven Designs, who also have a dollarbie in store that I couldn't get to fit my head (I'm starting to get a complex!! Since when did a size 50 head become big??!)


Hair (not free)
Haven Designs


Amethyst McMahon said...

Beyonce...eatcha heart out, baby! ;D

Sascha's Designs said...

Lol, I got 2 free (ballroom) gowns somewhere as well.

Sascha Frangilli of Sascha's Designs

Vanity Rockett said...

I forgot how lovely and enchanting Miss Ross's voice is. I need to steal my grandma's vinyl collection!

Lemania Indigo said...

You captured the theme I had in mind it is amazing - ab fab! LOL

Arkesh Baral said...

Thank you so much for including my gold bangles in Ms. Ross's ensemble! You really made my day, Ashia!