Wednesday, 30 January 2008


Last week I received a notice to the Free*Style group about a couple of free gifties at Pop feel, as usual, so much stuff in Free*Style notice archives I couldn't find the notice again to say thanks to the person who sent it (note the name down at the time!!!..I hear you cry).

If you haven't been to this store yet, you must check it out, the clothes are sweetness.
At the back of this store you will find this free Kimono & Obiset Poem in Rose and Pop feel shape which I am wearing with the free Rabbit Titania Skin.

Shape & Kimono: Pop feel (Free)
Hair: Kira, Frangipani (1L)
Skin: Titania, Rabbit (1L)

A couple of days later I was invited to join the 'Fashion Shop Pop feel' group (to join type 'pop feel' into group search), total delight when I looked in notice archives and found some lovely gifts.

This adorable Mouse outfit, complete with ears, tail, garter and belt (not shown).

(Triangle will like's got ears :D )

The Valentine earrings are also a group gift and come in red and white. You can also just see the nails, there are 2 pairs of nails in the group gifts, blackribbon shown below, and Panther.

Mouse Outfit, Nails and Earrings: Pop feel group gifts
Shape and skin: (as above)
Hair: Berri, Truth (1L)

While I was in-store I couldn't resist this outfit, the Audrey Hepburn-esque, Aline Coat Set which includes the pants and sweater neck and cuffs (180L)

Aline Coat Set, Pop feel (180L)
Ballet Flats, AI Studio's (1L)

yah-yah, non's deliberate mismatchness :p

Psychedelic flower Bag, Mimi Eden (1L)
Bangles by Katerina Lytton (sent out to the Free*Style Group, notecard me for invite)

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olivia said...

HOUNDSTOOTH COAT! how did i miss that!!11