Thursday, 17 January 2008

Lush Corset Belts - Pixel Dolls

While we were messing pretending to be guys last night, we received this group gift from Pixel Dolls, which caused much excitement. These beautifully made corset belts, so versatile and brilliant for dressing up any outfit. ** Newsflash, Pixel Dolls just sent out a couple more colours...wooohoooo!**

I thought I would use my poor neglected Alt, Mini, to model these. She needs to have her virtual legs stretched sometimes.

There are 4 different designs of these belts, Cameo, Empress, Dauphine and Knit, each is worn as a jacket layer, so you can wear it over your favourite top.

Belt: Pixel Dolls, Group gift (TP to the store, touch the subscribe sign, go to History, Option 1)
Leotard Top: Pixel Dolls (part of a free set in store)
Jeans: Wrong, (Xmas freebie, no longer free)
Skin: Marianella Aylen III Pale Fresh Skin
'Sala' Hair: Mirai Style: (200L for 2 shades)

Belts: Pixel Dolls
Jeans: Wrong (no longer free)
Top (no longer avail): Overdose (now called Punk By Proxy - lots of other freebs in store)
Skin: Marianella Aylen III Pale Fresh Skin
'Sala' Hair: Mirai Style: (200L for 2 shades)

These pictures were taken in Kowloon. This is a fantastic build, I believe it is based on Hong Kong, it looks like Hong Kong anyway.

Belt: Pixel Dolls
Celeste Dress: Pixel Dolls (part of a free set in store)
Skin: Marienella Aylen III Pale Fresh Skin
'Sala' Hair: Mirai Style: (200L for 2 shades)

Creamy has this amazing free white shirt from Ash Style so I had to get a piccy of one a couple of these belts worn with this shirt.


*Shirt: Ash Style (Free)
*Belt: Pixel Dolls (Group Gift)
*Jeans: Free gift from Callie Cline (these were a gift at Xmas time, so I presume they are no longer avail for free)
*Hair: Truth (Group Gift)


*Shirt: Ash Style (Free)
*Belt: Pixel Dolls (Group Gift)
*Skirt (part of dress outfit from Snatch, go to the store and touch subscribe sign, touch it again and go to history, option 1.)
*Hair: Truth (Group Gift)
*Skin: Marianella Aylen III Pale Fresh Skin

Here are some nekkid close up pics of the pretty Marianella skin. I am wearing it with a facelight here (you can get these for free) and lashes from Minnu which were a group gift.

marialla skin_001

marialla skin_003

marialla skin_002

Hopefully that made up for my lack of a blog post yesterday.


Mary Baphomet said...

Amm I the only one who never gets the announcements from the Pixel dolls subscribe o matic

Creamy Cooljoke said...

Naah, these subcribe-o-matics are a pain in the a, half the time I don't get stuff either.

I think I was just lucky in this instance bc I was online at the time. You can still get it if you go to the store and click on the sign, go to history, option 1.

Hope this helps :)

Anonymous said...

Hey the hair "Hair: Mirai Style: (not free)" Is that the designers name or the hairstyles name?

Creamy Cooljoke said...

Oops sorry anon, forgot to put in the info on that style. The store is called Mirai Style, the hairstyle is called 'Sala' and it is 200L for 2 shades.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Creamy! Anon is greatful. You know my real name is Anon. It's a wonderful name and only 13 babies are selected every 100 years to be bestowed with this great name that also carries an ancient responsibility to an order 2000 years old. I can't explain much more about it or the 12 other Anons would come kill me, but our job is on a level of greatness that rivals Christ himself.

Azia said...

heh..another psycho like us.

Creamy Cooljoke said...

Wow!! Thnks for the potted history on your name Anon (note, I've spelt your name with a capital 'A' this time because now I realise you are of regal status) :D

Yourself and the other 12 Anon's in the world must be kept very busy posting comments on blogs ^^

Creamy Cooljoke said...

I also feel very privelaged that you have put your life at risk passing me that information, I will guard it with my life and it will go no further.

Margriet McMahon said...

Is the Marianella Aylen III Pale Fresh Skin still available? I cant find it in the shop! :(

Creamy Cooljoke said...

Uh-oh, it was there yesterday. I'll find out for you Margriet.

hiroki ( hrk Loon ) said...

Wow! Thank you for your referral.