Monday, 21 January 2008

Get your Sn@tch out

I was going to bed but Ivy at Snatch gave out this amazing outfit, 'Punk as Hell 84' Jeans and Undone Moss Sweater. Ivy has made a whole load of these called Tour Dad's Sweater...Undone and they rock.

To get the free ones you have to go to the store and subscribe to the group by touching the sign, then touch it again and go to History, option 1. The item will only be there until Ivy removes it so grab it quick.



Oh and remind me to adjust my hair when I change shapes, I've got hair growing outta my earhole. hahaha!

Before I go, I better let you know that there are other freebies in the Snatch store, including a full female Goth av if you are under 30 days old, this includes clothes, hair, shape etc.

Go and vote for Ivy's Tennis outfit at the Austrialian Open Tennis Championships Sim as well, as a big thank you for this outfit (if you feel like it, not pressure or nothing).

Oooh yes, and one more thing, the poses used in this and the previous post I got free from Long Awkward Pose, how darned cute are these?? Dove was giving away a free pose pack to visitors yesterday, I'm not sure if this is still happening today but there was also free poses at the entrance to the store. Go check it out!

TP to Snatch
TP to Long Awkward Pose


Ivey said...

Thanks so much for posting this Creamy..I love so much being able to give things like this now that I have my own store. It never hurt ANY designer to give a few things away to their loyal customers! And thanks for the plug on the Couture on the Court contest too! I have my fingers and toes crossed!

You Rawk
Ivey Deschanel

Creamy Cooljoke said...

Thanks to you too Ivey! I love this outfit, the jeans have that low rise, skinny, bum huggin, destroyed look I love.

Good luck with the contest :)

Azia said...

Wooooo Ivey! *hump hump*