Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Midsummers Night Hunt

Most hunts  are about fashion these days. I remember doing  my first ever hunt it drove me mad,but it had a little bit of everything and I was so pleased when I completed it. So keeping the spirit of SL hunting going here are the items I collected from The Midsummers  Night Hunt. This is not a free hunt but the prizes are $L3.To find out what Mr Jonstone is wearing please go to my blog 
ClutterHome - Midsummer Night Tree Trunk

 TheMustard Seed ~ tms lysander & hermia's gazebo (comes with fountain not rock)  & !! FANTAVATAR & MOONSTRUCK !! Magic Glowy Rock

 Sequel - Fairies Welcome Board

 UnitedInshCon *UI* Forest Stilt Hut 

*ZG* Woodland Bench
DreamscapeWedding Design Bloomin' Branches Frames

Hearth& Home ~H&H~ Bohemian Flower Garden Gazebo

[ParkPlace] Woodland Chair & =Mirage= Branch Out Table - Fantasy 3