Saturday, 12 December 2015

My First Video!

  Hi all!  I put together a look with almost all freebies/cheapies and was going to just put it up here like a normal post.  Well, last night my daughter was bugging me to find a way to make a video of her drawing pictures of foxes (she's obsessed with foxes, lol.)  I asked Plurk and they gave me some ideas and I finally found one.  When I went to edit this photo I decided, hey, why not record it?  So here is the picture and below is me editing it.  I didn't do a ton of editing and the video is long and kind of pointless but I am excited to learn to make videos so I had to share. :)  Enjoy!
Skin: 7 Deadly Skins, Marketplace hunt gift
Hair: Exxess, 1L
Earrings and Piercing: Mons, group calendar gifts
Eyes: InkHeart, 1L limited time
Eyeliner: Adore&Abhor
The website I used to record the video is HERE.  I know nothing about this website so I very much hope it's not like some creepy virus thing or something. -.-
The main program I used for editing the picture is Gimp, which is HERE, and the second program you see me using is Photoscape, which is HERE.