Monday, 26 October 2015

Cheap and Blue Part Shoe..I Mean...Part Two

  OK, here goes the second part!  This time it's all shows, all the time.  Don't forget that if you wear your HOC Industries group tag (free to join) before attaching your hud for the HOC shoes exclusive colors and patterns will unlock.  Enjoy! :D
Heels 1: HOC, 10L, color/pattern change hud included
Shoes 2: ChicChica*

Both Shoes: HOC HERE and HERE, 10L each, color change huds included with each

Shoes 1: ChiChica*
Shoes 2: Candy Doll @ Kustom9, 9L

Shoes: 2pm @ The Seasons Story, 69L gacha item

*Note: I couldn't find the particular shoes at the ChicChica store.  They were a sale item but she moved locations and I can't find them now but they might be back later!