Friday, 4 September 2015

All the Colours

Hey, it's Helena, furry, cute lil Helena. Well, Furlehna, but you get the idea. I decided Furlehna was going to be a thing, cause while I don't mind blogging the Kemono, and maybe soon actual furries, on my main avatar, it is rather limiting to some of the things I can blog. Helena has a set style, even when she goes out of style. She is also a hair designer, so she only wears her own hair.
Furlehna has no such restrictions, so I hope to find you various items I would probably never wear, but work for her cute little self.
It is surprisingly hard to find free physical clothing for the Kemono Avatar. What do I mean by this? well the Kemono Avatars are not like the default avatars, so they require either items that are non rigged, or specifically made for them, or a lucky find that just happens to fit.
There are is a lot of clothing out there made for them, and most makers offer the mesh UVs and Textures, so you can make a texture with them and bring it inworld yourself. You wont find them giving out these meshes for free though. So shopping on a budget can be tricky, especially if you just got your Kemono Avatar, which is nearly 1k.
A lot of stores offer these mods for free or cheap, but you have to have that original item, and most of them cost L$200+ for that base item.
I want to try to help you guys with finding some things to outfit your Kemonos, but not at the huge startup cost. I can't guarantee totally free outfits with this avatar, but I will try to keep the cost as low as I can.
On to the goodies . . .
Fujiwara's World is having a small retirement sale. Items are priced between L$10 to L$50. There is also a few gachas included. This sale will be going on until Sept. 15th.
There are some items for the Kemono Avatar. The skirt I am wearing is L$30, comes in various colours(sold separately), and can be used for both Kemono, as well as Default Avatar/Mesh Bodies. There is a rainbow version of this skirt as a SL Free&Offers group gift. 
Hair - Clawtooth - You say Tomato in Delicious Wine - L$0
Mesh Avatar - UTILIZATOR - Kemono Avatar - Not Free
Kemono Skin Applier - Mynx Legend - Wotsit Skin in Rainbows - Group Gift (Free to Join)
Kemono Eye Applier - Trill - Bonbon Eyes in Pink - L$0
Shirt - UTILIZATOR - Short Top - Comes with your Kemono Avatar
Shirt Texture - Lap Monster - Laced Up Bustier - L$14
Vest - Krankhaus  - Mini Vest - L$35
Vest Texture - Chocolat - Candy Sweet Marshmallow - L$40 
Skirt - Fujiwara's World - Colourfull Skirt in Pastel Blue - L$30
Bracelets - Boom - Friendship Bracelets - Common Gacha Prizes @ Mainstore
Wings - Evermore - Crona Fae Wings in White - Group Gift (Free to Join)
Pose by Kirin