Friday, 21 August 2015

Mish Mash Mesh my Face

I saw this mesh head from Boataom, and had to blog it for you guys. It comes with a cosmetics hud, with 3 options, which change your eyebrows, blush and lips. It doesn't change them separately, it is all baked on one texture for the changes. I am wearing the 3rd option, as there was built in eyelashes, and it saved me from having to fit a pair.

You will have to wear mesh eyes with this head, and adjust them a little bit. I am wearing the current group gift from Maylfy.

I didn't like the shape that came in the package with the skin and mesh head, so I chose one from my collection of SL Marketplace finds. It's better suited to standardized shaping for mesh clothing, as well as your slink hands(if you have them).

***Note - The building at Boataom is set for sale for L$200. Be very careful as you are moving around and clicking. I set the landmark to the location of the gift, so follow you directional beam, of you have them on. Double check what you are purchasing, to be sure you are not buying a copy of the building.***


Shape - Shapes of Adam&Eve - Free SL Marketplace Gift
Hair - Amacci - Instore Group Gift (Free to Join)
Skin & Mesh Head - Boataom - Instore Group Gift (Free to Join)
Eyes - Mayfly - Instore Group Gift (Free to Join)
Hands - Slink - Not Free
Nail Appliers - Hello Dave - Free SL Marketplace Gift
Dress - Moonlight Inside - Instore Group Gift (Free to Join)
Necklace - Moon Amore - Free Instore Gift
Headband - Magika - Subscriber Gift

Poses can be found at Shop Free*Style, where there are a bunch of pose packs ranging from Free to L$50.