Thursday, 16 July 2015

Limited time Barbie!

Ha no! You'll never be rid of me! ^_^ 
I am bringing you some limited time offers though! Sn@tch is currently full of goodies! Until Monday you can join the VIP group for free, the annual summer sale is on with certain items 50-75%  off aaaand there's a cute new fishing outfit that is there for you and your tackle box until Wednesday!

Then I go to take all my pretty pictures and get a note-card from Floorplan announcing a 3 year anniversary sale!!! I scurried over and promptly bought this lobster rug and the wallpaper (pages from Pride & Prejudice). Not gonna lie, I'm probably going back.  I might be feeling homesick for the ocean and time to read but Floorplan is one of those stores that kind of speaks to the heart yanno? 


Outfit #1 - Sn@tch Tread lightly (0L fish for this - 4 tutu outfits!)

Outfit #2 - Sn@tch Kelly Swings (50L sale)

Rug - Floorplan Lobster throw rug (38L sale)

Pages/wall hanging - Floorplan Wall Paper (88L sale)

Pose #2 - Elephante Poses Don't Let Me Down (0L 3 year anniversary subscribo gift)

Hair #1 - Olive @ Hair Fair The Steamer (0L hair fair gift)

Hair #2 - INK @ Hair Fair Who 2 two tone (0L hair fair gift)

Shoes - Epic @ Oh My Gacha Sweet Icing Pumps Liquorice - high feet required (100L gacha)