Friday, 8 May 2015

Hocus Hoodoo

 Vampire Chronicles is a new event, organized the Suicide Dolls events group, which have brought you popular events like the Spooky Cute.

The event is a short one, having opened on the 2nd, and ending on the 9th of May. That means you do not have much time to get on over before it is all packed up. Don't miss this first one!

The cropped coat I am wearing is a free gift which you will find there, offered by Lar's Workshop. I think I have only come across this store once before, can't recall where now. There if a mesh top in the booth, that looks like dripping blood, that is fairly cool.

The full face makeup I have on is from Stray Kitties, also at the event. It is in a gacha, and is a common prize. The other options are equally awesome. Only L$25 per play.

The little bit-o-blood on my lips is not part of the gacha prize, but it part of a makeup pack at the event, from SongBird. The pack is called Messy Eater, and while it night not be free, it is a good deal. There are 3 makeups, each with a varying degree of vampirey mess. Given the theme of the event, it seems fitting to have a little blood on your face, so be sure to pick these up.

~SongBird~ Messy Eater 

She really does get a bit messy, haha.

Quick Little Extra Blurb - Depraved Nation's Thrift Shop 9 starts tomorrow, I mixed a few of the items from !Chop Shop! into the post. The event is great, I personally have been in a few, and there are always a ton of deals and gachas, as well as a few gifts. If you didn't have anything planned for the weekend, while it will be super hard to get into, it might be worth a try.


Hair - The Stringer Mausoleum - Helmet Head in Darknight - Not Free
Skin - Tuli - Neve in Tone 0 - Not Free
Eyes - Inkheart - Evil Eyes - L$1
Sclera Eye Shadows - Wee Ones - Eye Shadows - Not Free
Lashes - Kosh - No Alpha Alshes V7 - L$1
Makeup 1(Mask) - Stray Kitties - PD Earth - L$25 Common Gacha Prize @ Vampire Chronicles
Makeup 2(Eyeliner) - Mua - Makeup Set Paris Eyes Only - L$1
Makeup 3(Lips) - SongBird - Messy Eater Just a Sip - Item @ Vampire Chronicles
Hands - Slink - Gesture Pose - Not Fee
Nail Appliers - Hello Dave - Stiletto V2 Nails - SL F&O Group Gift (Free to Join)
Coat - Lar's Workshop - Goth Top in Ash - Free @ Vampire Chronicles
Dress - Joy Style - Star Dress - Group Gift (Free to Join)
Hat&Necklace - !Chop Shop! - Ouija Set - *NEW* @ Thrift Shop (opens May 9th)
Earrings - !Chop Shop! - Devilicious Earrings V2 in Red - Not Free

Pose Prop by Exposeur - Girl At The Window set