Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Swim with me

Swim with me,
amongst the waves.
Play with me,
for all your days.
Here my song,
son of man.
Swim with me,
forget the land.
Play with me,
in soft sand.
Here my song,
nothing to fear.
Swim with me,
 sea so clear.

Poem by Helena Stringer

One of my favorite things each year, when visiting Fantasy Faire, is the amount of mer/sea creature stuff that is at the event.

While I do tread more on the demon side of things, my second love is mer related items. I have blogged many of times on this site, with a tail, haha.

Today I am showing you a tail which you can get in the Fantasy Faire Hunt, which is called The Lost Lands. It is an epic quest, and takes you across all of the faire sims. There are 2 huds to purchase, one gets you a special Bare Rose Outfit, and the other is just the standard hud. These do have to be purchased, but all the proceeds go to the Relay for Life Charity.

The sheer magnitude of quality gifts is staggering, each year it seems like the designers get more generous.

Back to the tail! This tail is the hunt gift from Mermaid Treasure & Boutique, which is called Dune. You will need to pick up a mermaid swim hud to use this tail, there isn't one included, but there are a few free on SL Marketplace.

Another thing I wanted to tell you about was that Flounce is closing. Mimi Coral has been a designer I have supported for ages. If you are really old like me, you will remember her when she had her little dress store called Cupcakes. Cupcakes evolved, with the merge of another talented designer. Later on, they decided to go their own ways, and Flounce was born.

Due to RL responsibilities, Mimi can no longer dedicate her time to an inworld shop. I don't think she will be gone forever, she seems to be one of those creators that can't help but create. For now tho, you best be getting yo her store, it will be closing in a few days.

Items range from L$10 all the way to L$100. Most of the skins are L$25 to L$49. There is a wide selection of fantasy inspired things right now, which fit well with Fantasy Faire items, so it iw worth a visit.


Hair - The Stringer Mausoleum - Seagrass in Tropic - Item @ Fantasy Faire 2015
Hairbase - Adoness - Shaved Swirls in Teal
Skin - Flounce - Amelia Skin in Night Elf Tone/Ocean Makeup - L$49
Eyebrows - Flounce - Elle Brows in Green/Fairie - L$49
Eyes - Sn@tch - Illyria Eyes in Feline/Gold - 7Seas Fishing Prize(Limited Time)
Lashes - AlaskaMetro - Vida Prim Lashes - L$5
Makeup(Lips) - AlaskaMetro - Liquide Shine Lipgloss in Orchid -  Free
Ears - Eclectica - Elf Ear/Creature Version - *NEW* @ Fantasy Faire 2015
Hands - Slink - Casual Pose
Nail Appliers - Sn@tch - Matte Tips/Neons - 7Seas Fishing Prize(Limited Time)
Mermaid Tail & Outfit - Mermaid Treasure & Boutique - The Dancing Mermaid in Dune - Fantasy Faire 2015 Hunt Prize
Necklace - Dragon Magick Wares - Mystical Necklace - 100% RFL Charity Item @ Fantasy Faire 2015
Bracelet - Unrepentant - Titania Bracelet in Silver - 100% RFL Charity Item @ Fantasy Faire 2015
Horns - Cubic Cherry Kre-ations - Kii Horns in Pinku - 100% RFL Charity Item @ Fantasy Faire 2015

Poses by Eternal Dream