Thursday, 5 March 2015

I need these IRL

I came across the store Duh! in March of 2009. I was out and about, finding shoes for my sister, and low and behold, here was an awesomely named store, with great prices, and who actually offered lots of colours!

If you want to take a trip down nostalgia lane, I dug up the post. I forgot how funny I use to get on here. So go ahead, click it, laugh at my retro blog pics, shake your head at my humour. I know I did, haha.

Renee has been working in Blender, and making her own mesh now. These cute little boots are one of the results.

She was also a treasure, and offers them in purple, with there being the dreaded PANK! also in the package.

You can grab these for free at her shop. While there, be sure to click the subscriber, you will get another gift, check out the lucky boards, you letter might be up, and take a walk around. One of the greatest things about the label, is they offer wearable colour demos. Wearable meaning there are no logos, no words, no yucky bits on them. Just a totally wearable copy, in a unique colour, for you to enjoy.

Stockings - Sn@tch - For Love Stockings in White - Not Free
Boots - Duh! - Fur Top Snowboots in Purple - SL F&O Group Gift (Free to Join)

Pose - !bang - F*S pack 1a - Promo Pose @ Shop Free*Style

Skybox - [Circa] - French Persuasion Mini Skyroom in Walnut - Common Gacha Prize @ Mainstore