Friday, 20 June 2014

Do Your Boobs Wiggle and Jiggle And Not Fit Your Clothes?

 OK, mine do in RL but that isn't what I am talking about.  LOL.  What I am talking about is the new fit mesh boobs out there,  and it can indeed be hard to get your applier clothing to work with it.  If this is your problem then I suggest you check out Magenta Devinna's blog HERE which will explain to you how to fit them properly.
  Why am I posting this on a freebie blog?  Because I know lots of you are buying the fit mesh Lolas now and there are so, so many free options for applier clothing and many of you will get very frustrated trying to get them to look right with the new boobs.  Plus, I love tutorials!!!
  If you ever want to help out with posting tutorials let me know and I will get you involved right here.  or if you do tutorials on your own blog and want me to link it let me know and I will think about starting a new page up top with all the ones we find.
  Thanks for reading and good luck with your jiggly boobies!