Monday, 20 January 2014

Casual & Unexpected.

Howdy Free*Stylers. Happy new year everybody!
Urban Casual. A casual look for you today in muted berry tones, to help complement this freakin' fabby inky berry-lipstained "Emma" free skin that's been plowing across the blogs (including here at Free*Style), for both its striking intelligentsia face + sultry makeup that's come to characterize the Essences line.
Inky Plum. This free gamine braided hair gift by Truth was originally sent out in December (it's still available via subscribo; see the Styling Credits below for instructions), but it's so enduringly lovely that I just couldn't resist incorporating it into today's gifties look. And since you seemingly can't have an avi in SL (male or female) without owning at least 1 fedora, this one's $1L, mesh + even sports some distinctive white pinstripes.

For the more experienced hunters out there, the Grumble SIM is hosting an event that this city girl can appreciate: a hunt with zero hints + imbued with a dry sense of humor, where you're rummaging around in dark subway tunnels to actually seek out the vermin, in the form of white rats (yes, rats!) -- each containing an assortment of fun prizes for both men & women. I was hoping to find the sky blue mustached necklace on chunky pearls prize (never found it, bah) but still felt lucky to find the black & yellow heart ring (that you can see in both the 1st & last photos here) instead. For those less ambitious, there's a gangload of lucky chairs + camping (remember camping?) in the main subway station too. Why not park your avi to get these red suede lucky chair boots + let your more ambitious friends scout out the prize locations? Hey, there are worse ways to fritter away an afternoon.

Speaking of frittering, there's nothing like a li'l virtual home decor styling when you're procrastinating RL work. Hehe.
Tchotchkes Sky. This is basically a jumble of unrelated things that I threw together; worth noting are these free bowtied ribboned platform heels by G Field (normally for wearing, not decoration; luhs that the contoured heels are nice + high). This $1L wooden shelving unit was 1 of my fave finds on the Grumble subway rat hunt; it's modern yet simple, perfect for showing off some of your nicer tchotchkes, like these free stackable paper boxes in pretty pastel watercolors from BananaN.

Hope everyone's new year has kicked off to an unexpectedly fortuitous start! Unexpected finds love + fashionista kisses to all!

Teshan2222 Wycliffe

1st 2 pics:
Hair: TRUTH HAIR - Group Gift 30 Nov 2013 - Fernanda - subscribo gift (click "Join Group" on any terminal, History, 4) - free
Skin: Essences - Emma Gift - doux *brunette* - buy sign on wall behind desk for $0L - free
Striped fedora hat: Styles by Danielle - Fedora Graphite Striped Hat R - Formal Flair Hunt prize - find/buy black bowtie - $1L
Dark wash denim jeans: *COCO* - Gift_SkinnyJeans - join group for $0L; touch sign (NOTE: many more gifts here) - free
Sweater: *COCO* - Gift_TurtleneckSweater_S - join group for $0L; touch sign - free
Black "love" script heart necklace: {Mango Cheeks} - Love Necklace: Black - subscribo gift (when I was there, it was click subscribe, and then either 1, 2 or 3) - free
Rabbit toy: {Mango Cheeks} - Bun Head Warmer: Bearbbit - VIP group gift (join group for free, check Notices) - free
*NOTE: this store's VIP group join was free when I visited (Saturday); I don't believe this is the usual case, so just double-check before you join!
Heart necklace (color change): Malt - .:MALT:. Fashions - Group Gift- Loveable Necklace - Color Change - subscribo gift (NOTE: click same subscribo multiple times to get different gifts; this gift is included in a bigger group of gifts) - free  
Purse: Malt - .:MALT:. Fashions - Group Gift- Fashions HAND BAG - PARIS PINK - subscribo gift - free  
Boots: Grumble - LC-Colorado Boots-Red - lucky chair prize (many lucky chairs here) - free
Jacket: Ricielli - LOVE MOMMY hunt - item#20 (NOTE: this item is not mesh)  -  BERRY Jacket / Purple - find/buy red hearts - $15L 
Eyes: IKON - Promise Eyes - Fjord (ML) - paid VIP group gift - free
Butterfly gem earrings: Zuri's @ Styles by Danielle - Butterly Dreams Amethyst/White Pearl Earrings - buy sign on wall (as you enter Zuri's jewelry section of Styles by Danielle) - free
Black gloves (gloves layer only; not mesh): Styles by Danielle - ~DANIELLE~ High Black gloves gift - buy giftbox in front center of gift table near lucky board - free
Pose: Tram - free poses - free

items from the Grumble subway rat hunt:
*NOTE: the Oh Rats! Subway Hunt takes you down into the subway build of the Grumble SIM. Walk down into the subway here, turn on a Windlight that allows you to easily see little white things (like the rats) + be sure to look in storage rooms, the tunnels, near lights -- anywhere a rat might hide!
Heart ring: Grumble - OHSH-14 - Skull heart ring-yellow - find/buy white rat - $1L
Bangles bracelets: Grumble - OHSH-10 - GG Womens GRAFFITI Bangles Express - find/buy white rat - $1L

Shelving unit shot:
Shelving unit: Grumble - OHSH-16 - find/buy white rat - $1L 
Red platform shoes: G Field - *GF* 2013 Holiday Gift Pumps [Mesh] - buy sign on wall for $0L - free
Heart ring: Grumble - OHSH-14 - Skull heart ring-yellow - find/buy white rat - $1L
Steel planter (not mesh; mod/resizeable): GG Planter -spring mix - lucky chair prize - free
Items from BananaN (all free):
Paper boxes (many colors, mod/resizeable): Paperi boxes 1, 2 & 3 (a mix used here)
Candles: Moustache candles - boxed. BananaN
Dollies display case: Wall dollies_2prim
Teal cushion: Shroom seat3
Items from Add9 (all free):
Brown wicker picnic basket: +9 picnic basket - opened(rez me)
Cheesecake (in basket): +9 cheese souffle cake - hole(boxed)
Panda purse: +9 leather coin purse - Panda(spine)
Thermos: +9 juicy lunch box DX(boxed)wear me
Retro-print wooden stool: +9 wood stool - retro(rez me)no-anim
Bread: +9 plain bread 6 slices pack(rez me)