Thursday, 24 October 2013

Along came a spider...

and made such a beautiful frame for me! Sway was kind enough to set out the above frame as a completely free gift for the Halloween season! Naturally I had to fill those picture slots and the wonderful creators of secondlife were quick to help me.

As the completely-unofficial-thought-only-by-me Queen of Halloween I popped this cute lil pumpkin crown from Rotten Defiance on (one of two group gifts just sent out) and this elegant dress from Sweet Gift on the marketplace. Ploom has put out this cutes lipstick as another free group gift and earrings from 4funeral finished it off.HelaMiyo @ Shop Free*Style is helping me work on my queenly wave; whatchya think?

Even delusional queens need to relax sometimes and this super comfy sweater dress from Tapp fit the bill perfectly.

One can only rest for so long and it's back to work though! I hit up Horrorfest with Zombie-baiting in mind and stumbled upon the Infiniti poses gacha! What zombie can resist a fresh corpse huh? Especially when said corpse is wearing such a stylish sweater from Pretty Lady! Now to settle in and wait.....

Picture frame - Sway Picture Frame Spider (0L)
Crown - Rotten Defiance Pumpkin Crown Black & Orange Spiked w Striped bow (0L group gift)
Dress - Sweet Gift  Halloween Dress 2013 (0L)
Hair & Lipstick - Ploom Isabel Indecisive (13% off) & Jack-o-lantern lipstick (0L group gift)
Earrings - 4funeral Halloween Gift (0L)
Pose #1 - HelaMiyo@ShopFree*Style The Only Way Is Up (0L)
Sweater dress - Tapp Pumpkin Off-the-shoulder sweater (10L Halloween sale)
Pose #2 - Bang @ Shop Free*Style F*S Set A (10L)
Cropped Sweater - Pretty Lady Mesh Pumpkin Sweater (0L)
Pose #3 - Infiniti @ Horrorfest  Scene of the Crime Victim #1 (25L gacha)