Wednesday, 19 June 2013

The Wash - Beach Party Sale - LAST DAY! Part 1

Today is the last day for The Wash's Beach Party Sale. If you haven't been yet, you might want to go. There are various designers from all over the grid, all offering goods priced from L$10 and under. Some designers also have exclusives to the event, priced at L$50, which is still a steal, seeing as it is a unique item for the event. 

Here I will be featuring some of the female items, but there are male items, which I will show some of in another post.

This raft tent is from [CIRCA]. The idea is unique I think, I haven't seen it in sl as of yet. There are 4 female poses and 4 male poses. Just click it to get the menu, and then change to the pose you want. The drink and starfish come as part of the prop. You will find these at the [CIRCA] towel, in 4 different colour combos, each sold separately.

I had to have something to match the colours of the raft tent, and I found the perfect suit at the Graffitiwear towel. There are 2 other colourations as well, each sold separately.

The Jewelry is from N@N@'s, and just so happened to be the right colours for my shoot.

The skin is from Kieri, you have to go into her actual store to find the deals, as she doesn't have a towel out.

Lastly, tho you can't see them all that much, the eyes are from the NBGG towel. I will be showing them up close in my next post. There are a bunch of different colours, each solder separately.