Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Shop Chic, Shop Free*Style.

So in case y'all haven't heard, Free*Style has a brand-new store that we're all rather excited about. The store itself is such a sleek, modern build, and its offerings are a natural extension of Free*Style's previous in-world spots. Shop Free*Style isn't merely a freebies store, it's a gifties store, with items ranging from $0L on up to $50L. -- I'm showing you a $50L Pink Fuel Skin, together with some $25L finds (the earrings + the military-themed sweater); the juicebox is a smooth li'l libation that I put together for $10L (the pink striped mouth straw comes included). Kudos to all of Shop Free*Style's creators, bloggers & friends for making this such a special place!
We're inviting everyone to come on by + check out all the wonderful gifties; if you're lucky, maybe you'll even bump into Eden, Sileny, Qopi, and more of our lovely bloggeristas, a few of whom have been lurking around like friendly ghosties to make sure everything gets set up properly. (Btw if you see Eden, be sure to pass her some Doritos already. That lady is impossible when she's fixin' for that nacho cheesy goodness!) Hehe.

Many thanks to the ever-gracious Cherelle Capra for making sure I had a working script on the Tic Tacs (+ generally ensuring that I wasn't completely clueless whilst setting up my vendors, etc.). Free*Style love + fashionista kisses to all!

Teshan2222 Wycliffe


Skin: Pink Fuel @ Shop Free*Style - [PF] Alena - Azure (ltbrow) - $50L
Sweater: DECO @ Shop Free*Style - MESH Hers Wooly Pully small (pink) - $25L
Earrings: Eclectica @ Shop Free*Style - 'Manhattan' -tourmaline - $25L
Juicebox & mouth straw: Flasher @ Shop Free*Style - Creative Juices - $10L
Baggy capris: Yako on Marketplace - MESH BAGGYS - VINTAGE & DOTS *YAKO*- $1L
Hair:  .ploom. - Rene (large) [boobs] - Ploomage Dipped (new!) *double mwuahs Steve Cartier & Helyanwe Vindaloo*