Sunday, 2 September 2012

Light Settings

I've had a bunch of people ask me lately about my light settings so I thought I might as well share them.  Here they are:

  In preferences I make sure to have Transparent Water, Bump Map and Shiny, Basic Shaders, Atmospheric Shaders, Lighting and Shadows and Ambient Occlusion checked on Ultra settings.  Under the Shadows box I check Sun/Moon and Projectors.  I often leave local lights unchecked if they disturb the photo but that depends on the type of photo and the location.  I have no idea how to use Depth of Field so I don't touch it. :P 
  I face east when taking pictures with these settings against a white background that does NOT have full bright checked.
  Settings for V3 are as follows:
V3 Settings
Haze Horizon: .35
Haze Density: 1.65
Density Multiplier: .09
Distance Multiplier: 11.4
Max Altitude: 4000
Blue Horizon: R 71, G 54, Blue 69, Hue 309, Sat 14, Lum 25
Blue Density: R 59, G 64, B 69, Hue 210, Sat 8 Lum 25
Sun/Moon Color: R 99, G 90, B 95, Hue 330, Sat 5, Lum 37
Ambient: RGB all at 135, Hue 0, Sat 0, Lum 53
Sun Glow Focus .08
Sun Glow Size 1.99
Star Brightness 0
Scene Gamma 1.05
Sun/Moon Position: 5:12 PM
East Angle: .47
  Settings for V2 Based Viewers are as follows:
V2 Settings
Blue Horizon: R .28, G .21, B .27, I .28
Haze Horizon: .35
Blue Density: R .23, G .25, B .27 I .27
Haze Density: .35
Density Multiplier: .09
Distance Multiplier: 11.4
Max Altitude 4000
Sun/moon Color: R .39, G .35, B .37, I .39
Sun/Moon Position: .467
Ambient: R/G/B/I all at .53
East Angle: .47
Focus: .08
Size: 1.99
Scene Gamma 1.05
Star Brightness: 0

OK, have fun and if you have any questions feel free to IM me!