Monday, 17 September 2012

Cosmic girl

Hello everyone! Happy monday! When I was preparing this post, I had that song by Jamiroquai in my head, so it became the title. Today, I went to the Arcade Gatcha Event, because I wanted the Clawtooth hair badly, and I got the color I wanted on the 3rd try. One of the other 2 was that cute blue, and since my friend Shay had just given me one of her extra Roza skins from Glam Affair, I thought it would be fun to change from my usual colors for once. Lucky for me, Fri.Day's latest group gift just came out, and my look was slowly building up. I love it so much actually, that I might keep it for a few days...

Credits :
     Free or cheap :

     Other stuff :
  • Eyes : Nightfall, moon glare, Poetic Colors
  • Pants : Easy Days Trousers, white, Jane
  • Ears : Sachara Elf Ears, Slink
  • Mesh feet and sandals :  Slink