Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Stop! Zombie Time..Derr Ner Ner Nerrr...Na Ner Na Ner

Yea, that`s supposed to be the Super Freak/MC Hammer beat up there. O.o I BRING YOU CORN!! I meant to have this up days ago D:  better late than never! ZombiePopcorn round 6 babies!
Bunch O ZP6 Hunt Stuff
Sakide ZombiePopcorn

*All free items here are from the ZombiePopcorn Hunt 6*
Look 1
Hair - (fd) - NOT FREE
Skin - JesyLilo
Top - Koketka
Pants - Ur. Favorite. One
Rings - Piddidle
Look 2
Hair -  Mina - NOT FREE
Skin - Nuuna - NOT FREE
Dress - Sakide
Shoes - R.icielli - NOT FREE