Monday, 6 February 2012

Quick and Red

Just doing a quick post today of some great items.  Ignore the questionable quality of the photos.  I'm low on time but these items were too fun not to post even when busy.  For example, this shirt from Paper.Doll is just adorable!  It's clearly meant to be a Valentine's day theme but it's totally awesome for everyday where.  I am pretty sure I am going to wear this top a zillion times.
This unusual hair style is free from Mina.  It's always fun to get styles with textures different from the normal straight and smooth.  The burgundy color will please those who are used to only seeing black and blonde too!  I tinted the headband in edit mode to better match the shirt and because I love read, lol.  My skin is not free but it's a new release from Adam N Eve.  I love it so hard!  Every skin this store releases is better than the last.  I love how she includes things like freckles, manicures and pedicures that match the tones, cleavage, hair bases, etc.  Everything you need to get the skin just the way you like it.
Shirt: Paper.Doll, ZombiePopcorn Hunt gift
Hair (Headband Tinted): Mina, ZombiePopcorn Hunt gift
Amaris Skin: Adam N Eve, new release
Hair Base Tattoo Layer: Analog Dog, free
Pants: Milk Motion
Eyes: Croire