Friday, 13 January 2012

No Blah for Marie. She's a doll!

Heeeeey! Happy New Year! It's been a long time. :)  Baaahahahah @ my title. It's good to laugh at yourself! I'll start off with my staple which is profusely apologising for my pics lol. Sorry they're bright and washed out, just getting used to my new machine.
Ok enough about me. On to the freebies! *waves finger in the air*
I love this dress. It's the FTLO Millennium hunt gift from .MarieDoll. Find an item in the store that's marked down to 1L and this beauty is yours!
Wowowowow. How glitzy cute is this mini? It's also a gift from the FTLO Millenium hunt. [ Blah. ] is a new to me store, along with pretty much everything else. I love it! The hair is the FWH gift from .MarieDoll. How lucky are we for realz.

That's it! Have a lovely weekend!

Luff n Sticky Stuff

Hair - [ Love Soul ]
Dress - .MarieDoll. - FTLO Millenium Gift 1L
Lip Tattoo - FTLO Black Market item from .:A&M:.
Hair - .MarieDoll. - FWH gift FREE
Lip Tattoo - Same as look 1
Dress - [ Blah. ] - FTLO Millenium Gift 1L