Thursday 12 January 2012

Eyelash Tutorial Part 2

Hey guys!  Sorry it took me forever to get this done but I screwed up and forgot to screen shot one part so I had to do a bunch of it over.  -.-  Anyway, lol, here is the second half! If you missed the first part check HERE to start.

We left off with you having a few layers of different lashes of slightly different size, rotation, etc.  At this point you want to erase any parts that might leak over the bottom edge of the eye or too far outside of it, etc.  Basically just clean it up.  Then go to the individual layers that are NOT part of the lashes you created and click the eyeball to hide them.  If you chose to use the Eloh files that have a million billion layers this is gonna take a long time lol.  There is probably a faster and easier way to do it but this is how I do it.  Keep the base color and the eye shading layers because chances are you are going to dislike the first attempt you upload and you'll want to go back and try again and you'll need the eye areas for markers or whatever.
Save this!  Always save! xD  At this point you should have the lash layers you created and a couple of the most necessary layers left.  Make sure all are hidden EXCEPT the lash layers you created.  Then you need to go to Image-Merge Visible Layers.
A menu will pop up, make sure to check the boxes "Clipped to image" and "Discard invisible layers." After they are merged go to Image- Transform- Flip Horizontally.
Next go to Select-All and then Edit-Copy.
Next go to Edit- Undo Select All, *then* Undo Flip Image *then* Undo Merge Visible Layers.  Now select on your top most layer and click Edit-Paste as New Layer.  When all that is done save it. 
Then do merge visible layers again, the same way as above, and then save it as a .tga file.  Make sure not to save the merged image without saving an .xcf file with all the layers first or else when you want to make changes you have to start all over and that's no fun. :/
After all of this is done go into SL, upload the texture (textures uploads are 10L but on some viewers, like Firestorm, you can upload a temporary texture for free that will disappear from your inventory eventually but is good for trying things out before paying to upload them) and create a new tattoo layer in your inventory (it's in the create new clothing menu.)  Go into edit appearance and edit the tattoo layer by dropping this texture on the slot for "head."  Don't worry about the other slots.  Save it and there is your brand new eyelash tattoo layer!  You may have to try this several times to get it positioned just the way you want but in the end it's worth it to be able to make your own custom product from scratch!  If you have any further questions feel free to IM me!  It might take me a while to get back because I have a little kid who needs me, haha, but I will get back eventually.