Friday, 16 December 2011

Was Santa A Biker?

Was Santa A Biker

OK, think about it logically.  Big fluffy beard, only works a couple days a year, Santa had to be a biker.  Santa is still in shape, going to the gym (story here),  hitting the clubs (story here), but but, don't click that second link if your easily offended by the sight of naked pixels.  I've had the SL morality patrol on my ass lately.

Anywho, Santa went for a ride, sporting some cheapies and freebies from some great stores in SL.

The Brown Patchwork Boots are a hunt item at Death Row Designs for the "A Depraved & Desolate Winter" hunt.  The hunt started December 15th, and runs through January 15th. 

The awesome helmet was a $20L gatcha win on the Razorblade Jacket SIM.  They have a street lined with gatcha machines for the holidays, with some really cool stuff for both guys and the biker chicks.  

OK, and the big find, for just reading this post.  Santa is wearing a "Santa Clause is Coming" tee made my me. (Bouncer Criss).  If you would like the tee, drop me a notecard in-world with your name on it, and I will send it to you! That easy.

Skin: LaVie - Complete Santa Avi (not including the beard)(Group Gift,  $250L to join) see the complete Santa Avi HERE
Shape: mine
Beard: dDx - Klause Beard (part of a 3 beard set at Men's Select. Four colors of each beard, so 12 beards for $90L until Dec 23rd.)
Pants: Buid - Black Baggy (not free)
Boots: dRd - Brown Patchwork Boots (hunt item)
Black tee: drop me a notecard in-world and I'll send it
Helmet: $20L gatcha machine on street on Depraved Nation SIM

OK, So what does Santa do after a long bike ride?  He takes a couple of biker chicks home for some actions.  If your offended (morality patrol!) don't click on the next page!! NUDITY!