Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Too Cool For a Jacket

I just realized my av was wearing a winter hat but only a tee and it reminded me of those people you see on the coldest of cold days wearing like a coat and shorts or something.  So confusing.  But oh well!  My av is still awesome because it's not actually cold inside computer land.  To my knowledge anyway.  Anyway, my skin is the latest group gift from JeSyLiLo and it is love.  It's a great tone and has huge boobie cleavage.  Weeeeeee! I am aware my eyebrows don't match my hair color but I am having that issue in RL at the moment since I am late for my salon appointment so it's more realistic, eh? My hat-hair is a group gift in store from BC322. I usually am in the know with BC322 but at some point I had left the group for space and forgot to rejoin. D:  Luckily I saw THIS blog post in the F*S Flickr pool that reminded me I had been missing out.  So thanks Doudi and everyone check out her blog, it's nice.
Wintery Type Thing
My shirt is the December 3rd Advent calendar gift from Adore&Abhor at the KittyCats store.  Just click the board and you can get a free item everyday!  My eyelash tattoo layer is also from Adore&Abhor and is 10L on the wall at the main store. :D
Skin: JeSyLiLo, group gift in store
Hair: BC322, group gift in store
Eyelash Tattoo Layer: Adore&Abhor, 10L
Shirt: Adore&Abhor @ KittyCats, advent calendar gift in the center of the store
Eyes: A Netherworld, 50L
Tattoo: Actchio (could not find)