Saturday, 1 October 2011

How about some more of 4.44.444?

Nope it's not Wednesday but, I can't stop myself from showing you even more awesome deals from the Freestyle birthday event that opens NOW!

This uber cute set by Rosy mood comes with two skin tones and a matching shape all for 444L$. The stylish glasses with color change script by December and the sparkly 'Friday Night' dress from 1 Hundred is also 44L at the birthday bash. These are just too precious to pass up. I'm tellin' ya!

Other credits for you!

Hair @ Dernier Cri : Milana Olive - Fat Pack - (Subscription Join Gift!)

Eyes @ DragonLady's Closet : CAH 3 - (Available for 1L until October 7th!)

Socks @ *Curious:Kitties* : Simple White Socks - (FREE on marketplace!)

Sandals @ +RUI+ : Simple White Socks- (Lucky Board, 2 minutes!)

I hope you don't think that 4,44,444 is just skins and clothing because there is a whole lot of everything. The Calm Beach Skybox by Starstruck is a steal for 4L with it's low prim design and great attention to texture detail!

The beautiful old table and wood mesh set are also from Starstruck as well as the sculpted Random Knicknacks. They are low prim and re-sizable. The Autumn candles by Bee Bee are just in time for halloween. You get three versions for one price. Let's not forget the chic stool packed with poses for 44L!

Let's talk about good deals a little longer. Somnia offers up four Striped Queen tops for only 44L each. There are two sets to choose from! Glasses again by December. The Stylist shape to the stars is from census, and the drool worthy heels are from DECO!

La Flat presents the gorgeous Maston, Zen Meditation Deck, and the lounger. All available right now at the 4,44,444 birthday event. Go see for yourself!

You still want more credits? Okay!

Hair @ Exile : Kylie/twilight - (FREE on wall!)

Eyes @ [ROLY-POLY] : Dolly Eyes - (FREE!)

Skin @ .::Mother Goose's:: : Milla - (Lucky Board, 5 minutes!)

Skirt @ JAZMYN D : Woot! Group Gift - (Subscription Gift!)