Saturday, 1 October 2011

4.44.444 is Open!

The time has finally arrived!  4.44.444, Free*Style's 4th Anniversary Event is open.  TP here to visit us! Items are marked 4 or 44 or 444 L though you may also find a few freebies or dollarbies floating around, too.

Just a few helpful hints.  The event runs for 2 weeks so we hope you have lots of time to make it there.  It ends on Friday, October 14th at midnight.   Do yourself and everyone else a favor and leave off any unnecessary scripted items, poofers, tummy talkers and things that will lag everyone and yourself.  You may need to turn down your graphic settings or your draw distance to reduce your personal lag.  There is a large landing point and it is in the very center of the build.  Move as quickly as you can to one of the 4 rooms in front, behind or next to you.  You should be able to then get your bearings and start to take in all the textures.  Expect pileups and bring your sense of humor.  However, I have a huge pet peeve of people going afk at landing points.  It's akin to trying to waiting for someone to quit texting to move their shopping cart.  Regarding AFK in general; for the next 2 weeks, this event is NOT the place to do so, please!  Lots of people really want to attend and the only way everyone gets a nice turn is if we work together. If you are busy, and trust me, I understand busy, please come at another time!  We want everyone to visit, but the sim only holds so many people.

I want to thank again, Apatia Hammerer and Allegory Malaprop, the head goddesses of Lloyd for donating the land, prims and for some last minute "decor" (pet photos, etc.) and Andel Rhiadra and Sanura Sakai for the amazing build, cake, framing, and support.  There are tip jars that look like this:
The Stars, not Bea Aurthur (the STAR).  Free*Style is making no money from this event, not 1 Linden, and we would love to see any tips or signs of generosity go to these lovely women.  Also, thank you to Steffy Ghost, who made the lovely poster at the top of this post.  It is perfect!

Have fun!  Find something that makes you laugh or that you love.  There are some amazing deals!  See you there!