Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Hey, It's the Little Things in Life

Today has turned out to be an interesting day.  I was having a full blown panic attack the likes of which I've not had for years; the kind where I think I am having a heart attack and will die at any moment. Since I wasn't dead on the floor I decided to clean and worked through the worse part.  When I logged on SL a friend IM'ed me right away (which I hate!) and invited me to chat with some other people.  My usual response is to politely decline, but I didn't, and I got exactly what I needed.  Then Marleen Vaughn, who I remember from way back in the day from her store, Marly's, which I adored for her funky retro styles, contacted me about her new store, Vaughn's.  She is having a little hunt at her store for 3 items, the pipe, the scissor's necklace and the lovely grey top.  She is sweet and I am so glad to see her back in action.

Cupcakes has been having a hunt all month at their sim with fantastic prizes: Skins, clothes, eyes.  Several of the sim stores also have hunt items and all are free.  They are easy to find and it's a lovely sim to visit. I don't know why but I particularly loved the cold grey eyes that came in a large set.  Nice size, which I'm very fussy about.  Another little thing that I found on a recent journey is this Maori-style chin tat as a subscriber gift at Miss Shippe's studio.

It is refreshing to find that SL does include lots of cool people, some who are friends that care, some who do their own thing and make interesting items.  No drama, no heartache.  Just people at their comps, probably in their jammies drinking coffee or whiskey.  Good times.

Hair: Wasabi Pills: Kimmy Hair (new release - LOVE!)
Pipe: Vaughn's:V.Oppenheimer Pipe: Vaughn's Halloween Hunt
Necklace: Vaughn's: V.Hannah and her Scissors: Vaughn's Halloween Hunt
Shirt: Vaughn's: V.A Dreadful Top: Vaughn's Halloween hunt
Eyes: Cupcakes: Eyes 2011 - Grey: The Great Pumpkin Hunt - Cupcakes - 3 of 13
Tat: Miss Shippe's Studio: To Moko Wakini: Subscriber gift
Skin: Al Vulo: Easy* Merry Widow (previous group gift - new gift out now!)