Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Good Morning Lovies!

I have ten million things I want to blog and am SO TIRED and all the V3 viewers won't let me use shadows and I'm SO LAZY and and and...whine whine whine!!!!!  But enough whining!  There's no whining in blogging (or crying in baseball, apparently.)  I'm feeling the fall colors at the moment.  Yes, I love my brights, but I also love me some gem tones and colors reminiscent of autumn leaves.  This dress from Addict is my favorite color!  Green makes me sooooooo happy.  Not enough deep greens in clothing I tells ya! The tights are just the perfect knit for fall.  You know how in RL when it starts to get chilly and you want to wear you're dresses but don't want to freeze your legs off?  Knit tights are my go to item for that.  You can get them in the fortune teller machine at Sn@tch in the dark color pack.  I'm wearing one from the light pack though because...I felt like it. :P
mix up_005
I know Eden already beat me to blogging the pipe from the Vaughan's hunt but, oh well, you can deal with seeing it again. :P  I'm happy to see Marleen back making things again after Marly's closed a while back and if you head to the store you'll see lots of fun stuff that will make you happy too.  The tattoo is SO FUN and it's free in the Seasons Hunt from Miss Shippe's Studio.  This store is just jam packed with creative, whimsical, FUN things for your various body parts.  Another store that is stuffed to the max with creativity is Solidea Folies and for a limited time you can get this great autumn necklace free in the subscriber.
mix up_011
I had to include some house items from La Flat as well at Dutchie because I feel like we just don't show enough of these things.  Plus I'm a sucker for vinyl records and cheese soooo...woo!  These boots are from AnE Meshworks (Adam N Eve's new mesh items line) and are NOT free but dang they sure are cute.  I may not love all mesh clothes but the shoes and furniture I am seeing from stores lately have me clapping my hands with joy, even if I have to use the mean old V3 viewers.
mix up_009
Details and Stuff:
Dress: Addict, Seasons Hunt gift
Stockings: Sn@tch, dark pack is free in the fortune teller machine so bring a friend to try and win!  I'm wearing one of the light versions in the pic, which are not free, but I promise the darks are awesome.  You can see the dark pack HERE on the marketplace if you want to check out the colors or you would rather just buy them than try to win them.
Chest Tattoo: Miss Shippe's Studio, Seasons Hunt Gift
Necklace: Solidea Folies, subscriber gift
Pipe: Vaughan's, hunt gift in store (there are 3 different items!)
Record Crates and Pillow: La Flat, one crate and the pillow are free in store, mixed in with other regular items (but ssh!  It's supposed to be a secret, cough cough.  One other free item available too.) The Halloween themed crate is a group gift (50L join fee, other gifts available.)
Cheese Plate and Dress Picture Wall Hanging: Dutchie, free
Skin and Boots: Adam N Eve/AnE Meshworks
Hair: Clawtooth by Clawtooth
Eyes: Croire
Pose: Estetica