Saturday, 29 October 2011

Halloween Comes to Starlust!

I almost hate to post on top of Sileny's post today because she looks so darn cute but I think you will really like the things I am going to show you!  My love for Starlust and the folks that inhabit it is no secret.  They were generous to host our 4.44.444 event at no cost and I think that the people that set up there are super talented, straight up real folk and work hard to create original designs.  I wanna be a polygamous partnerer and marry them all to be honest but probably not even Appy from Pig would take me up on it.
Here is the deal there: Through Halloween start at the motel lobby and pick up a folder that will tell you who has treats at their shops.  (Not every store is involved - Eden bawls her face off)  The folder will contain a note that has an up to date list of treated stores as well as a cute map to help you find your way about.  Those stores will have a pumpkin near or right in the entrance with a bright orange pumpkin that has a message along the lines of "I have a treat for you".  Touch it and get the goods - it's that easy!  Allegory has decorated the sims with lots of pumpkins (she makes some of the best around) and they are for sale (go to Schadenfreude for a huge selection), so don't confuse them with the treat pumpkins.
Also, Schadenfreude has her annual trick or treat pumpkin at her store.  Go inside the elephant and look for the free one.  Allegory makes these goodies for many of the holidays and I look forward to them every year.  They are wearable and give out treats to anyone who touches them.
I've not shown you every gift because I have to go do a ton of RL things but its a lovely event.  Before I forget all about it, Nefaria Abel, another awesome creator has decided to close her L'Abel brand, another sad for me!  Everything has been significantly discounted.  I picked up some bloomers from this year's summer collection that I had been coveting for only 10 L.  Another do not miss!

Credits: (I will try to organize but keep this in mind and you will be fine: Starlust and L'Abel.
Photo1: Outfit: Silent Sparrow: Tweets: freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Neck tat: Miss Shippe's Studio: Whoops Cut my Neck Shaving: Freeeeeeeeeee
Black Shorts: L'Abel: Aniell Black ani Shorts: 10 L
Photo 2:
Shirts: Pig: Ribbon Sweaters Halloween: Freeeeeeeeeeeeee
Makeups/Earrings: Schadenfreude: Freeeeeeeeeee
Pants: L'Abel: Ella White Bloomers: 10 L
Photo 3
Facelamps: Schadenfreude: Freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Photo 4:
Shirt and Rideable Ghosty: Saturine Dreams: Freeeeeeeeee
*also a treat at Stinkeye (sorry, I forgot to take a photo!!!!! Sorry Stinkeye! Dont spray me!)
Hair: Elikatira: Fight
Skin: Belleza: Aiko
Boots: GField: Short Lace Up Boots (don't forget their Halloween gifts plus great deals on selected orange and purple items - get shoes)