Monday, 15 August 2011

She's Lost Control Again

So one of the first stores I truly fell in love with in SL was Nomine.  Well, as you can guess, when they have free items out I squee!  This ensemble is available in the MM board.  The board only allows 40 hits a day so get there early!
My skin is from Cupcakes and they are having a sale on the Charm skin line, 100L a piece or only 799L for the fat pack.  Since Cupcakes skins regularly are priced at up to 800L-1000L this is a dang good deal!!  As usual, check the store and courtyard for additional deals, MM board, etc.  The eye makeup matches perfectly and is one of a set of liners for only 10L in the Platinum hunt from Rozena.
Outfit: Nomine, MM board prize
Skin: Cupcakes, 100L in the Charm line sale
Eye Makeup: Rozena, 10L in the Platinum Hunt
Hair: Vaughan's House of Curiosities
Electric Chair: Was part of a bake sale from Nomine in the past, not sure if it is still for sale
Eyes: Banana Banshee (these aren't free to my knowledge but the owner is very generous with gifts to her group when she has new releases)