Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Next Stop Pottersville!

Hopefully y'all are checkin' the Free*Style group Notices on a regular, since you'll find some real gems in there. Case in point: our own Sileny tipping everybody off about the free Harry Potter wand at Mood (complete with a free set of 4 Hogwarts badges).
Here's how to assemble your own Hogwarts fan-person look on the cheap (check the Styling Credits below for deets):

1. Wear your fave jacket resembling something school uniform-y.
2. Add your free school crest of choice (I abdicated my true Gryffindor colors today + went with my secret Slytherin tendencies instead).
[2.5. Optional: If choosing Slytherin, or finding oneself in an evil/gloomy/cranky or similarly brooding mood, slip into the $1L runny mascara skin by The Body Boutique that I'm wearing here].
3. Add a striped tie or scarf (preferably in your Hogswarts school color; I envisioned Slyth's to be green, 'natch).
4. Add a schoolbag or backpack (if you don't have one, the $25L backpack at the massive 75% off sale at Coco's will do nicely; you'll find it upstairs, along with the other way marked down stuffs).
5. Grab a magical animal of some kind to accessorize (you can usually snag one for free at the Stray Pig lucky boards; these rabbits here are my cousin's, that I renamed Licorice and Morticia).
6. Wear your free wand + assume appropriate hoity-toity spell-casting pose.
7. Hey Presto, you're Hogswarts-ian!

(I will also take this opportunity to mention that perverted, made-up spells like Panties Vanishus! will not work, as vigorously attempted on yours truly, once upon a Halloween).

Next stop Pottersville love + fashionista kisses to all!

Teshan2222 Wycliffe
(who's tres jelly of anybody who got into Pottermore early)


*NOTE: For more information on The Platinum Hunt, check the official website here. For more information on Your Inner Bunny Hunt, check the official website here.

Hair: Truth - Juliana Streaked - espresso (new!) *mwuahs Truth Hawks*
Earrings: Mood - ::MOOD:: Endless Glam
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Tie: BOTHER - House Ties (Green) (new!) *mwuahs Synthos Graves*
Wand: CW&S @ Mood - The Wandery :: Basic Wand (14") :: Oak Wood / Fairy's Wing Core - buy wand on desk near entryway for
$0L - free
Badges: CW&S @ Mood - CW&S :: Hogwarts Badges - CW&S :: Slytherin House Crest (all 4 house badges included) - buy white box on desk near entryway for
$0L - free
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