Monday, 11 July 2011

Hair Fair Gift Tour: Chapter 2 + other Finds

There is no shortage of great finds across the grid.  Hair Fair '11 runs for a few more days.  This post will cover gifts I found on Sim 2 of the Fair.  There were so many gifts on this sim and it would take an entire page to show them so I decided to show you variety vs. quantity.  Most of the clothes and accessories I am showing are also awesome deals you can find whilst grid hopping.
Xplosion Hair has an uber generous gift in the fatpack of Lilli.  It includes two hair sizes.  The hair is adorned with cute barettes and other little decorations. The headband is texture change. There is no resizer in the hair but it is modifiable and all that was required for my fit was some slight stretching on the small size to find the right fit.  It was a great compliment to Sassy's Saucy Lass outfit from the Skull & Bones Hunt.  
I am totally digging Maria, the Alice Project gift for Hair Fair. It comes in 2 options, one with fun colors and another with "normal" colors.  Both hairs are scripted to change color as well as resize so you don't have a folder with a million hairs. The tank is part of a large gift at ChiChickie at Hair Fair.  I have to go on one of my squee rants for a minute to talk about DooDad's reopening on Oh My Stars.  I've long been a follower of Paisley Mizin, both at her old store, Sock Shop and at DooDads.  She has combined the store and there are a whole bunch of dollarbies and other great steals.  Paisley makes her own things, all original and bright as well as a bit strange.  Gotta haves for me!
Nikita Fride's Carnival hair is a bit of departure from my usual frumpy look (I've been called Bea Arthur and Florence Henderson!) but I lovvvve it.  The tat layer hairbase with it's creepy face and the hair is a partial mohawk with dreads and flips; this one will be a keeper for sure.  It looks great with Fishy Strawberry's exclusive items at the new Fashionably Late venue.
I collect hair to wear with kimonos and such so I loved loved EMO-tions' Moon hair, which is also a gift at Hair Fair.
Mina has a darling poofy ponytail style called Antje as it's gift at the Fair.  Not a fat pack or anything fancy but a lovely auburn color that I like.  It was a great compliment to the awesome July dollarbie at JustB who just moved to the new Chic sim.  Darling DooDads has yummy pink poodle for your mouth as another great dollarbie.

You can get slurls to all every booth at Hair Fair by visiting their blog.  Hair Fair's charity this year is Wigs for Kids, which provides hair replacement for children with medical conditions that cause hair loss.   All items contribute at least 15% of their proceeds to this worthy cause, though many stores are donating more than the minimum.  Don't miss it!

Hair: all are gifts on Sim 2 of Hair Fair 2011.  (There are so many more - this is a small sample)
Xplosion: Lilli
Alice Project: Maria
Nikita Fride: Carnival Hair
EMO-tions: Moon
Mina: Antje - Dazzle

haut.monde: Amelie Naturele: Preview Skin, exclusively @ Fashionably Late.  I completely love Teresa Republic's new skins and this one is a steal.  Get it!
Mango Mango!: Sequins - Pale Pink: pay what you want at the Free*Style HQ. Thanks Sileny!!!

Sassy: Saucy Lass Outfit: Skull & Bones Hunt: one of several hunt items at the store. Ivy Burner rocks in the generosity department!
Tank top: Gift at ChiChickie on Sim 2 at Hair Fair
Fishy Strawberry: Gleam Top Gold / Sequins Gradiation skirt: not free - exclusively @ Fashionably Late
Sweetest Goodbye: Breeze (kimono): 50% off at closing sale: awesome sale if it's still going on
JustB: Sequin Dress - Fuschia/Blood: July Dollarbie

Pinkie Bot: dollarbie
Sparkle Bracelets: dollarbie
Genie Lamp Earrings: dollarbie
Poodle for Mouth: dollarbie
Acid&Mala: Rings & Pearls set:not free
Shoes: haut.monde: Blison Wedges: not free (moving soon!)