Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Attack of the Baby Pigs

Attack of the Baby Pigs

Hi again everyone, I got two items for you, and both are unisex and totally cute.

The first item is the free roller skates from justB, they come in different sizes and come with skates with roller skating AO and without. Seriously I cruised around the sim looking for a place to take the picture with the animations on!! love it... (I'm a dork, what can I say). You can get the skates at the store, or in the group notices.

The second item is this very cool summer sweats from Connors. They are only available on the lucky board inside the store, and won't be sold in the store. Check out the baby pig (Johnny Jr) along for the ride!! LOL. I only waited like 10 minutes to get the sweats, the board moves fast!

It's free to join both groups, Connors is one of my favorite stores, I think I own every pair of shorts in the store. bestB I checked out yesterday, I also saw a dollarbie dress for the ladies, and most of the clothes are unisex. Go check em out!!

Sweat Suit: Connors - Lucky Board (limited)
Skates: justB - freebie
Pose: 3M