Friday, 3 June 2011

When You Can't Sleep . . . Try Sheep & Cupcakes

Nothin' cures a li'l insomnia like some freebies shoppin'. -- I figure between the munchies + counting sheep, I'm covered either way.
This ultra kawaii "frosting face" tattoo is free at Esuga in honor of Style Academy, a new fashion feed with an emphasis on high-quality photography. -- Speaking as someone who's always trying to improve my own photography skills, I must say there's sooo. much. crazy blogging talent on this special feed; I encourage everyone to check it daily, both for the gorges imagery + kickass styling tips from these truly exceptional bloggers. I'm part of the team working hard to bring this li'l feed to you; we really hope you enjoy it! *mwuahs Eilfie Sugarplum + all Style Academy bloggers + supporters*

The lingerie + cuppycake I'm wearing are also free; as is my fluffy sheep friend, who I named "Fluffer." Fluffer was quite happy with his name until Gavin informed him it had, um, a rather dirty "other" meaning. -- Poor Fluffer. *covers Fluffer's ears*

Yummy treats cure everything love + fashionista kisses to all!

Teshan2222 Wycliffe
(who often has insomnia, but luckily has SL!)


Face tattoo: Esuga - [ESUGA] Style Academy Gift *Special Blue Icing* - subscribo gift - free *mwuuuuuaaaahs Eilfie Sugarplum*
Hair: Truth - Teshan Streaked - espresso *mwuuuuuaaaahs Truth Hawks*
Skin: Glam Affair - Glam Affair- Layla Light - D 13 *mwuahs M4ri1yn Magic*
Lingerie: CANCOON - *CHARMIN* - group gift (join group + touch gift boxes near landing point) - free
Sheep: Stray Pig - [SP]StraySheep_White_Wear - lucky board prize - free
Blue frosted cupcake: Mon Tissu/Surf Co. Bakery - Fresh Baked Cupcake! / Vanilla Blueberry & Chocolate Coconut (click cake stand on desk to get for $0L) - free
Gloves: M*Motion - C11-13 [Black*Butler] Gloves (comes with a cute strapless poofy skirt dress; find/buy rabbit for $0L) - free
Shoes: Pixel Mode - [PM] Baby T's Plain 2.0 : Snow - subscribo gift - free (sent to current subscribers only)
Pose: Everglow *mwuahs Fanny Willis*