Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Skin Fair Finds

I've been trying to do this post for days and finally finished some photos.  Modavia Productions is hosting the 3rd Skin Fair at Vanity Universe through March 6 and it's a great opportunity to check out new releases from many skin designers as well as pick up some nice gifts.  I can't begin to show all of the gifts here but I will show you a few of my favorites.  Right now it's fairly challenging to get onto the sim but there is still plenty of time.

The best thing I heard today is that Happy Finds is reopened.  Free*Style has blogged them in the past and I TP'ed there as soon as I got word.  Right now the group is free to join (don't expect that to last) and there are gifts in the notices as well as in the store along with a few great discounts.

I'm totally in love with the eye makeup included in (R E D) M I N T's gift.  The deep, deep blue show is topped with light shimmers and will be one I go back to again and again.

Skin: (R E D) M I N T: No.1. Pale Skin - Not free - available at the Fair
Makeup: (R E D) M I N T: (makeup) Frost No.03 - Free
Necklace: Happy Finds: Living Forever is Leafing - Group Gift
Hair: [e] - Play - not free

The gift from Your Skin & Your Shape is a fantastic skin that includes various hair base and cleavage layers. It's a nice, fresh face that should work well with makeup layers. I was sooo lucky to win the new hair in the Lucky Chair at Love Soul so I had to brag about it.  There are many new prizes in their 2 lucky chairs.
Skin: YS&YS: Susan: Free
Hair: Love Soul: I Love Nature: Lucky Chair Prize
Necklace: Happy Finds: Dark Owl Necklace: Group Gift

The other skin I really liked was the gift from al vulo.  The gift also includes eyes, which I've also shown.  It amazes me still how different your avatar can look just by changing your skin.
Skin: al vulo: Eliza*Vanity Brown (eyes are also included): Free
Hair: Exile: Kylie - Free along with several other styles!
Nails: Adam n Eve: copper - part of free gift at fair
Necklace: Happy Finds: Honey Comb Rose Necklace: 50 L

This is the fair layout.  Walk around and you will find all kinds of gifts and fair specials. Enjoy!