Monday, 17 January 2011

Man Stuff

Yep, male stuff! Woo! I busted out the man to bust out some free style ;D
Man Freebies
Shirts and Scarf: Somapop, hunt prizes (girls and guys all over the place!)
Skin: Imagen, newbie skin gift for under 30 days
Crotch Stain Layer (LOLZ): Sileny Noel (Me!), free at the Free*Style store
Pants: Pig, no longer available to my knowledge
Hair: Ego, not free
Glasses: Alphavillain, free in the Seasons Hunt (previously blogged by Silver)

P.S. Since the Free*Style store moved locations it's kinda empty! If you would like to place a gift there of a quality, original item let us know!