Tuesday, 18 January 2011

dolly birds



hello! :) Thanks to Zen Iceghost for telling me about this lucky board at Pinkinnik, formerly i ce coco! It's a 5 minute board, easy to win and has three boards with this skin inside.

I was trying hair at loq hairs and i'm eyeing one of the styles heh but for now I got the subscribo gift and there's another set of their hair at the dressing room for around 70L, so take a look! AND another 50L set of their hair exclusively available on xstreet. tp to their store for more details and demos!

i'm also in 69L hump day this week so you can get this tattoo at 69L from actchio!

skin: Pinkinnik, lucky board
hair: subscribo gift from loq hairs
shoes: vive9 Rita boot, lovee. texture change socks! creator: sanya bilavio
arm tattoo: 69 hump day discounted item, actchio. dolly birds arm tattoo
leg tattoo: actchio. peony dragon leg tattoo
headband: mons gift to fashion house group, go to loq hairs and join the fashion house group, then check notices.
wristbands on right hand: from drowsy hunt, I unlinked them and re-linked so I could wear three at once. the wristbands are in the sewer underneath, in the box marked "trash box".
other jewellery, the rings and bracelet on left hand: shade throne group gifts, my favorite group ever. (and my favorite jewellery) It's a paid group.

shirt: i've been wearing this shirt from willow every day for a week. not free but cheap and beautifully made!
shorts: league

poses: doll. by suri christen!