Tuesday, 28 September 2010

I will not make dirty references to the word SLOW

I was running over to DUunltd19 on the last day and I really liked the building it was housed in so I started to peak outside and discovered a whole bunch of my kind of happiness.  This is the first time in I can't tell you how long that I simply wandered around by myself and explored (shopped) with no particular mission in mind.  I wasn't blogging, I wasn't doing research for a post, I wasn't hunting or going to a lucky chair.  And I found great stuff, which I almost didn't blog, but it's too pretty and too sweet and the whole place is too tasteful to not share.  I am not showing you all the goodies I found so look around if you have the time.

Before I get too far into my tales of the SLOW sim, I wanted to gloat over the to-die-for jewelry that my awesome pal, Hempy Weezles from RIPE, is making for the upcoming jewelry fair.  The little bird skull pin is going to be a dollarbie and the hats (in other colors too) are going to be like insanely cheap unless she listens to me (which she probably won't do) and increases her price.  One of the reasons it's taken me three days to finish this post is I refused to take off this stuff.
The leggings are a dollarbie or cheapie at oyakin.  What I did was stretch the prims at the bottom to give them a slight flair.  They come in 3 different colors.  The babydoll top is not a freebie but at 90 L it's a good deal for adorable.

Before I forget, I completely forgot to shoot the adorable pink stripe flats that are the sim opening gift at oyakin so this is what I suggest.  When you get inside the store, stop at the table in the front room and get the darling shoes.  Then head to the back of the store and turn right down the hallway.  In the back of the next room there is a shelf with a bunch of freebies and dollarbies.  The leggings above and the dress and stockings in the photo below are items on the shelf.
The cute jewelry set is a new freebie at Beatnik and the old boots (in sky blue and grey) are are only 28 L at Clemantis. Every three days the color boot will change and on 10/1 they will be pink and green.  The boots don't seem to be mod or size change and they are size 0 so fair warning.
This fabulous, most excellent dress is a new group gift at Couverture, to celebrate the opening of SLOW.   There are so many ways to wear this sweet, flowy dress but I went casual and paired it with free leopard leggings from Beatnik as well a the darling feathers bag from RibboN.  Then to further delay me (<3), Sileny asked me my opinion on her skin for Humpday tomorrow and it's so cute!  Then Sabina Gully from Magika sent out an amazing subscriber gift of a fatpack of her new hair in the Delora style.
Sileny's new Twiggy skin has awesome painted on lashes which makes me very happy as I recently did some changes to my shape, not thinking that all my lashes would now have to be refitted.  While you are looking at my face, I wanted to tell you about this amazing little tat layer available for only 10 L at PXL. It is called a Skin smoother/lightener and it smoothes out all the unevenness of many skin tones.  If you are one of those people who have difficulty matching your skin tone to prim footed shoes you will find this especially helpful.  It can be used by either gender and is available thru this week.  Look for the box under the tree.  Magika's new hair is complete with all new textures and each color pack now contains 8 tones.  Color changes are now done thru a hud, reducing your inventory size.  The Delora style has 2 tones so what I did in the brown haired picture was use the blond hud for the secondary color to show how you can get additional effects if you have more than one color pack per style.

I'm usually quick and dirty so I hope you can forgive my yacking. Here are slurls and prices for all this stuff:
   Black blouse: 90 L
   Gift dress: 0 L
   Leggings: 1 L
   Knit stockings: 0 L
   cle: green: group gift
   Leopard pants: white: 0 L
   Sacred Wood Parure: 0 L
Skin: Mango Mango: twiggy: 69 L: available on Weds for Humpday Happiness
Skin Toner: PXL: 10 L this week only
   Atomic: Im a Lady: not free
   Magika: Delora: subscriber gift
Nails: Miasnow: Dark Red glossy: 0 L at Starlust location
RIPE: preview of Jewelry Fair stuff: oh yes!
RibboN: Feathers Bag: 20 L
   Ordinary: Caraca: not free
   Clemanitis: old boots: 28 L (3 days)
   Kookie: Lazies: not free