Friday, 4 June 2010

Skye Qi Does Free

Skye Qi makes a lot of historically accurate gowns and other fancy whatzits that I enjoy looking at. I don't buy them very often though because I never really have an occasion to wear fancy things when all I do is sit in my skybox being grumpy. I did have to grab this free item and a couple of other items for donation recently though!
skye qi_003
So yeah, it had been a while since I visited and I saw the store when I was randomly browsing search for something else and popped in to visit. I don't know if this is a new freebie but it is pretty cool either way. If you grab this free gift make sure to drop a donation in the bucket on top, all the proceeds go to helping charities in Honduras. And also check out the AWESOME donation gowns for 100L-150L!!

Dress: Skye Qi, free (but please donate if you can!)
Hair: Calico Ingmann, new release (not free)
Skin: Tuli, will be a cheapie at The Dressing Room starting tomorrow!
Pose: Vivaposes at The Black and Blue Fair, not free
Location: Taken at the Oubliette Sim