Tuesday, 1 June 2010

the grass that glows

hair: NOJU group gift, comes with antlers and ribbon attached! prettiness!
skirt: NOJU lucky board, worth a stalk, I won this on a super quick question mark!
sandals: chuchulet, group gift from FabFree, other colors are 1L, by the generous Farah Palmer!

not free:

disco beads bracelet and night out bangles, as well as new generation mouth piercing, new release from skream! also yay skream makes clothing now, the ripmeup tube top is also from skream. I just bought their hip piercing which didn't fit with this skirt!
bag: VOONER gacha, sooo coool. so grateful to Hallie and Till!!

Hucci summer accessories gift! Sandals and clutch, if you're not in the Hucci subscribo yet, why are you not!!!
leggings: TazzMania lucky board prize! only 25L per color anyway :)

not free:
eye dress: was free from happy finds for a very limited time, so if you're reading this you should go now! **no longer free ahhh.

earrings: purse earrings, camp item from U&R Dogs! texture change to a ton of colors!
lip piercing with tiny ribbon, comes as a set, MM prize from TazzMania, includes eyebrow, septum and lip piercings!

not free:
nail polish: pididdle!
tattoos: actchio

Poses: MayoNaise by Tomoyo Breitman!