Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Yes . . . Pink


I decided to dehermit myself for both a good and a bad thing today.

Lets get rid of the bad first shall we.

I'm wearing . . .


If anyone IM's me about it, I'll probably rip your head off, and in the theme of today, that wouldn't be a very good thing, so just leave it be okay guys, yes, I know it's going on, I can see my avi and I grimace.

That being said there is a very good reason this anti-pink wearing Canadian sl designer is wearing pink today.

To make a long story short, 3 years ago in a Canadian school, a male student got bullied for wearing a pink shirt on his first day of high school. I'm sure you can guess what sorts of things were being said about this male student. You can read some more about it here :

Over the past 3 years, across the country and globally, the day is now sort s celebratory stand, against bullies, and what it means to be bullied. This mostly accomplished by peer support.

Now it might have started in a high school, with teenage students, but the issue of bullying goes across many age groups.

A group of designers took it upon themselves to bring the awareness here, in sl. I'm sure you have heard some sort of story, or had something happen to you yourself. So join the "Sea of Pink" today, even if it might not be your fav colour and you'd rather have acid dumped in your eyes.

For more info visit the official website here:

Alternative Information:

Now that being all said, here is some goodies to start you on your way to powderpuff poodle pinkness. Okay no not really, I couldn't stand the barbie pink this year, so I went with a few alternatives.

Outfit-Yesss-XStreet only Deal

Found this outfit by Yesss. It actually comes with *5* different pink shirts, and the pants are included in the package.


I slipped on footwear from Duh!. This is Renee's offering for Pink Shirt Day. There is an awesome set of footwear for the men in the store for today's events as well, so they aren't to be left out.

Skin-Bare Skins-L$0

One of my store models, LadyLight Koolhoven, said I couldn't do a post without showing this hair, so we went and grabbed some other stuff for her to show, since I couldn't wear that hair myself. We found some pink eyes, and got a notice for s skin made for today, so went and nabbed that too!


She is also wearing this outfit from Snatch, and a little random ring she found one day for free. Pink totally suits her more.

Both outfits from Yesss-L$0

Yesss wasn't done with the pink goodies, they had 2 more in the store for you to pick up.

Slip Dress-Angel Bunny-L$10 Special

I saw this, it said pink, so it must be pink right? Close enough in my books. And hey, you can show everyone some of your arse.


I wore it with these flip flops, and then sort of was like, hmmmm, looks like I'm getting ready for bed. Is the pink over yet?

Lingerie-Seldom Blue-L$1 Special Offering

Lastly I bring you the new offering from Seldom Blue. Now this I can deal with, tho I really don't have the slightest clue where I would go out in this.

Non Free things shown in this post:

Picture 1
Horns-House of Ruin
Wings-Material Squirrel

Picture 5&6
Skin-Mango Mango

Picture 8
Eyes-House of Ruin
Horns-House of Ruin-Not Yet Released

All poses in post are from KS2Cool.

***Why is there stuff not Credited? Find out why here!***


Cherelle Capra said...

Awesome post for a good cause Helena! It covers all the basis, daytime, night-time, everyday, casual & sexy. Love all the footwear of course. So all of you who want to bring this day to the forefront...wear some pink and show your support!

silver milneaux said...

i looove your horns and the first and last skin so hard. this was fun reading about you getting pinked up! and showing your arse lol. thanks for the finds!

actually I would never mind you just posting directly where your hair's from :) anyway MRMPH I want some of those hairs, will visit your store soon :D

Helena Stringer said...

Ah, well it was the deal when I got brought on as a guest designer, way back when, that I was not allowed to post credits to my own work, or showcase my own freebies. That has now since been lifted, but I still feel it would be a form of Self advertisement, and thats not why I'm on freestyle. Not that I wouldn't love to see my own stuff on here, hehe.

I glad you like the skins, I love love Frick, I'm a colour feind, so her stuff just works so well for me, as for the last one, ya people have been really liking that skin, I'm glad I even managed the series, have some more coming out for the alternative fair coming up =)

And Ruina is a tease, she gives me these great horns, but never puts them out in the shop! haha she is working on it to, cause people are always bugging her since I'm always wearing them.