Tuesday, 27 April 2010

[Summer's coming]

Hello all! So how are you? Ready for some cool-stylish freebie? First of all "so what" stor eis a man store but is going to be one of my fav stores ever! It has a lot of freebie, a luckyboard and well you cant miss it! Girlz and boyz! Second...in my store I put a lot of freebie, shirt, dress, swimsuit, a skin, an outfit and if you join the subscribo a swimsuit! all special colors that I'm not going to sell at official price. As we all love freebie and I love you so much, and I'm still believing that freebie is not always like bad quality but high quality. We freebie-hunters have the must to find a cool way to wear freebie and you too have to do! XD
So here are my summertime looks*
Have fun!

.CREDITS. (for freebie item only)

Pants & Jacket from "so what" store (comes with sculpted part but I also like as it is in my pic ^^) --> have a look and you can find other freebie too!!!!
Shirt: eha opening gift (rly nice and simple..there are even hair for free)

Shirt from mijn.t (in store you can find other mh..3 boxes with free items)

Swimsuit gift from mijn.t's subscribe o matic


kat.b. said...

Wat skin is worn in the pic?

kat.b. said...

excuse me, what is the skin worn in the picture?